Try Archery Group Classes

Start here for a short introduction to archery as you learn the basics of form, equipment and range safety. Interested students are given 15 minutes of instruction then allowed to practice alone the remainder of the hour. This short intro is best suited for the student that wants to try archery without a long-term commitment. All equipment is provided. Sign up and see what all the hype is about! Price is $35 for the session.

Available for Ages 9 and Over

Weekly Group Classes

Join our ongoing classes at any time and learn at your own pace! Choose a time that fits your  schedule. Students will receive instruction and test up to 3 levels. These classes are for students ages 9 and above.  Cost is $120 per month. Equipment is provided.  

Petite Archers Class

This class is for our petite archers ages 5-8. Given in small groups with extra instructors assisting to teach your littles how to handle equipment safely. Given every Wednesday at 4:30. And now given also on Thursday at 4:30 due to popular demand. Cost is $120 per month and equipment is provided.

Private Lessons

If group classes are not for you, schedule one-on-one private lessons. We welcome beginners to advanced. Private lessons are  $45 per session/hour. 

Cajun Archers JOAD/AAP Team Training

In this group setting archers will practice with peers to experience competition and camaraderie. Through the development process they will learn self-discipline and self-confidence, with the ability to earn achievement awards. Archers will be encouraged to compete in local, state, regional, and national USA Archery & NFAA sanctioned competitions while representing Cajun Archers Team. New to our weekly practice, we are now incorporating hunting skills training to keep us conditioned and sharp, allowing us the best possible advantage during the hunting season. Listed below is all included in this membership. Monthly fee is $135 
Cajun Archers Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Team
  • Ages 8 to 20
  • Must Have  Completed phases 1, 2, & 3 of NTS Testing
  • Tryouts Held After Formal Invitation
  • USA Archery Membership & NFAA Membership Required 
  • Must Have Your Own Competition Equipment and Gear
  • Monthly Recurring Fee is $135 
  • Personalized Team Jersey Purchase Required at Registration
  • Meets Once Per Week (extra practice encouraged)
  • Unlimited Range Access with Parental Supervision
  • Membership & Access to Bayou Bowmans Outdoor Range Included with Parental Supervision  
  • 10% Discount on Extra Coaching Sessions (must be scheduled)
  • Pin Achievement Award Shoots Once Per Month
Cajun Archers Adult Archery Program (AAP) Team
  • Ages 21 & up
  • USA Archery Membership & NFAA Membership Required 
  • Must Have your Own Competition Equipment and Gear
  • Monthly fee is $135 
  • Personalized Team Jersey Purchase required at Registration
  • Meets Once per Week (extra practice encouraged)
  • Unlimited Range Access
  • Membership to Bayou Bowmans Outdoor Range Included
  • 10% Discount on extra coaching sessions (must be scheduled)
  • Pin Achievement Award Shoots Once per Month

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