Cajun Archers is a full-service archery facility. All are welcome! If you have taken one or more of our classes, consider yourself a member. If you are new here, we offer two membership types. 
Basic Membership
  • No initial or monthly charge
  • Access to online lane reservations for $10/hr.
  • Priority notification of events, specials, and class availability 
VIP Membership
  • $55 per month
  • Unlimited range access during open hours with online lane reservation
  • One free, cool Cajun Archers merch of your choice
  • Priority notification of events, specials, and class availability

Video Wall

Cajun Archers video wall is a huge 9’ x 6’ target wall with live hunt videos, shooting games and much more! If you hunt harder, go further and think about hunting 24x7, then this experience is for you. The system works with youth bows, recurves and all compound bows. This latest technology of simulated hunting video allows you to shoot your own arrows, just like you would any other target. Reserve the Video Wall lane to experience live hunts of whitetail, elk, bear, African big game and so much more.
  • $20 per hour

Equipment Rental

We have a wide variety of equipment for your use if you don’t have your own just yet. Whether your style is recurve or compound, with sights or barebow, ask us to fit you.
  • Recurve Bow & Arrows -$5/day
  • Barebow Compound & Arrows -$10/day
  • Compounds with sight, release aid & Arrows -$15/day
  • 40cm Target Face - $1/ea.
  • Arm guard
  • Finger Tab
  • Finger Sling
  • Recurve Stringer
  • Warm up stretch bands

Range Rules & Etiquette

For everyone to enjoy a safe & family-friendly environment, we ask that you please observe the following range rules.
  • Make Safety a PRIORITY
  • Silence cell phones
  • Straddle the shooting line while shooting
  • Always point bow downrange toward target after arrow is nocked
  • Only 5 arrows per end
  • Never nock an arrow until everyone returns safely to shooting line from retrieving arrows
  • No Sky drawing. Never raise bow above eyeline while drawing
  • Don’t approach or leave the shooting line when your neighbor is at full draw
  • Be mindful of your language & courteous to your fellow archers
  • Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult unless enrolled in a class taking place
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol consumption or drug use before or during shooting time

Schedule Appointment

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